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Honeycomb pairs are used for
  • Cabin and partition wall
  • Interior Furnishing and Furniture
  • Floor Structures and Stairways
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Roof Construction

Honeycomb materials are being used increasingly in many areas of fast ship construction. Whether for structural or non-structural applications, the aim is always to improve performance and to prepare fast ships for the challenges of the future.

  • Naval architects are rapidly adopting the latest construction techniques using Honeycomb for the following advantages:

  • Weight Savings: enables increased speed increases payload reduces fuel consumption

  • Fire Performance: excellent fire resistance interior panels with low heat release, flame spread and smoke emission

  • High stiffness: reduces the need for supporting framework provides design flexibility

  • Durability: excellent fatigue, impact and environmental resistance fiber-reinforced plastics are non-corrosive

  • Improved appearance: panels can have decorative finishes

  • Rapid fitting: modular construction ensures panels are interchangeable large panels are easy to handle and install due to light weight

  • Versatile: wide range of design possibilities to achieve optimum performance from the materials




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