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Railway Industry


  • Partitions

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Advantages Of Honeycomb in Railway coaches are :

Very Low Weight            -  Reduces Fuel Consumption /

                                      Reduces Wear   & Tear

High Stiffness                - Reduces/ Eliminates supporting


Improved appearance     - Smooth surface & allows use of

                                    decorative sheets.

Long life                      - Excellent fatigue & corrosion


Safety                         - Fire resistance.

Rapid Fitting                 - Modular Construction &


Versatile                      - Wide range of Shapes feasible. 

              Honeycomb sandwich structures which are used in modern train construction, provide significant cost reductions. The reduction in the weight of the frame allows high speeds, whilst reducing energy stopping inertia. The high stiffness of the materials means that supporting framework becomes unnecessary, increasing the passenger room in the train. The railway coach partitions which are made from panels, are quick to fit and interchangeable. Therefore if there is any damage to the panels they can be replaced easily. The use of honeycomb structures allows for higher speed, improvements in ride comfort, ease in maintenance, reduction of energy consumption, effective manufacturing cost.

Core Specification For Railway:

A. Core Specification:

1. Material                           : 3003 + Aluminum Foils.

2. Aluminum Foil Thickness : 0.068 mm

3. Cell size                      :  6.3mm         

            4. Core density                : 85-100 kg /m3.

    B. ADHESIVES Specification

a) Viscosity at 20 deg c: 1400

b) Shear Strength after curing (24 hours at 1200c) 3.0 kg/ mm2.

c) After curing in water at RT for 10 days: 2.6 kgf/mm2.

C. Panel Specification

a) Panel Thickness :20MM, SIZES: As per drawings.

b) Face Sheet       : HPL Sheet

c) Colour              : Suede Finish of shade

d) Face Sheet Thickness

       i) Top Sheet               : 1.6mm

                   ii) Bottom Sheet          : 1.6mm 

D.  HPL Sheet Specification 

Sl. No.

Test Conducted Specified Values Observed Result


Immersion in Boiling water
a) Increase in thickness 11.5% 3.52%
B) Blistering & Delimitation Shall not be visible No blistering


Flame Test 30 second Max. 25 second.


Flexural Strength 80 MPA Min 110 MPA

E.  Panel Strength

              a)  Compression (Established)

(Distributed load):9.6 Mpa.

  b) Peel Strength (Metallic): 36.88 Kg / Cm.




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